• Q: What is DTF Direct to Film printing?

    A: DTF (direct to film) printing is a process in which a graphic is printed onto a piece of film with various colored inks and is applied to an apparel item.

    Q: What are the advantages of DTF direct to film printing?

    A: DTF direct to film printing offers several advantages, including high-resolution image reproduction, precise registration, and the ability to produce intricate designs with fine details.

    Q: What are the typical applications for DTF direct to film printing?

    Q: Can DTF direct to film printing accommodate complex and detailed designs?

    A: Yes, DTF direct to film printing is well-suited for handling intricate and detailed designs, thanks to its high-resolution printing capabilities and precise image reproduction.

    Q: What are the differences between DTF direct to film printing and traditional screen printing methods?

    A: Unlike traditional screen printing methods that involve creating stencils manually or through photo emulsion processes, DTF direct to film printing streamlines the stencil production process by directly printing the design onto a transparent film, eliminating the need for additional steps.

    Q: Is DTF direct to film printing suitable for small-scale as well as large-scale production?

    A: Yes, DTF direct to film printing is versatile and can be applied to both small-scale and large-scale production environments, making it a viable option for businesses of varying sizes.

    Q: What precautions should be taken when handling DTF printed films?

    A: It is important to handle DTF printed films with care to avoid smudging or damaging the printed images. Proper storage in a clean and dry environment is also crucial to maintain the integrity of the films.

    Q: What is the turnaround time?

    A: Get your order processed and shipped within business 5-7 days.  Pick up orders may be available in less time.

    Q. Can I order more than one gang sheet at a time?

      A. Yes. Order more than one gang sheet of the same size or add different sizes, but create each size separately and add to cart.

      Q. What countries do you ship to and what are  your shipping options?

      A. We only ship to Canada and the mainland United States including Alaska. No shipping to Hawaii or Puerto Rico.  We normally ship standard shipping, however if you need it faster, please email us to discuss.

      Q. What payment types to you accept?

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